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5th April 2010 - Animal Welfare

New laws to protect general animal welfare were introduced in the UK on the 6th of April 2007. These laws are listed under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. This law condemns the unnecessary suffering of an animal such as tail docking of a dog and animal fights. It also lists the responsibilities of dog owners who's duty is to ensure that the needs of their dogs are fulfilled.

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10th April 2010 - Sticky dogs

Every year the RSPCA and other Animal rescue shelters rescue thousands of dogs. While some of them are lucky enough to find new homes within a couple of months, others stay in kennels for longer periods,sometimes years, expecting someone to pick them up.

We refer to these long term residents as 'Sticky dogs' as they are more likely to stay in rescue kennels for a significant period of time before finding a good home.

So why are people reluctant to adopt them?

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18th May 2010 - Dogs at work

Over the years, it has been proven that allowing dogs at work improves the working atmosphere and help companies achieving better results. Accepting dogs at work reduces stress at work and gives employees constant companionship. Some American companies, by allowing their employees to bring their dog at work, have managed to decrease their absenteeism rate and have noticed that their employees were more likely to work overtime with their companions nearby.

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