Dog owner responsabilities

A vast amount of dogs are abandoned every year in the UK. As a result, a great number of dogs end up in dog rescue centres and kennels. Adopting a dog is not only an extremely exciting experience but also an ample level of responsibility is implied. It is therefore recommended to put a lot of beneficial thoughts into adopting a dog of any breed. Such decisions will help in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship between your dog and yourself.

There are many points to consider before going ahead with the process of adoption such as the cost and time consumption that will be require from your behalf.

Cost of owning a dog

In addition to the dog cost, a new dog owner will be facing many other expenses such as veterinary bills, food costs, dog equipment costs and other unplanned costs. Of these many costs, only the dog equipment costs and food costs can be planned. There is no doubt that any dog should be fed with a good quality food to maintain good health. Similarly to humans, a well fed dog is more likely to have a healthier lifestyle which would result to less visits to your local Veterinary.

Selecting a dog breed

To plan the dog feeding expenses, it is necessary for the dog owner to do some research on the dog breed they have adopted.

Small dog breeds such as Scottish Terriers, Jack Russells or Chihuahuas are generally not as greedy as larger dog breeds therefore they only require a smaller portion of food daily. The feeding cost can be planned to a certain extent only as throughout your dog might develop allergies and might require to be fed with a special diet.

Dog health and care

In case of allergies appearing on your dog, it would be appropriate to seek further advice from your veterinary who will be able to do a series of tests and establish the main causes of the allergies. Most of the veterinary bills, only the vaccinations can be considered as the most recurrent costs. It costs on average 30 to 45 GBP a year to vaccinate an adult dog. However, there are a few more veterinary expenses that a new dog owner can plan ahead such as the cost of spaying or neutering his dog and the cost of micro-shipping his dog. Some other veterinary expenses can not be planned such as incidents and sudden health problem. These unplanned expenses are often costly.

There are a few more health related products that any dog owner can buy without consulting the vet such as fleas or ticks treatment and worming tablets. These treatments are essential to prevent your dogs from catching such parasites. Nowadays, there are similar

  • | Dog owner responsabilitiesproducts available on the market. It is, therefore, recommended to check the instructions properly to avoid your dog from being poorly.

    Dog training

    A dog will require a lot time and patience from his owners which you will need to bear in mind when adopting a dog. Puppies will require consistent trainings in order to understand the hierarchy of the household.

    A dog who does not know his place in the household will be more difficult for the owners to handle as they will be more likely to growl or snap at you. As a new dog owner, it is therefore your responsibility to give a proper obedience training to your puppy. Training a dog, especially a puppy requires time and patience in various aspects. Puppies generally get bored easily so it is recommended to give them small training sessions of 10 to 15 minutes . It would also be beneficial if such training sessions are as entertaining as possible. Most puppies enjoy playing and receiving treats. These can be used as rewards during their training sessions.

    It is commonly known that dogs which have been abused or those who have not been socialized enough will display aggressive behaviours or extreme shyness. Once the character of the dog has been altered, it is extremely difficult to help the dog gain confidence in humans. It is therefore, very important to interact with your puppies as much as possible and make them familiar to as many situations as possible. The first eight months of the puppy's life are crucial as he builds his own experiences. It is very important to take full advantage of this period introducing the dog to new situations. In doing so, a new dog owner will get a higher chance to bring up a balanced dog.

    Taking the decision to adopting a dog is a big responsibility. On average, dogs have a life expectancy of 7 to 15 years. As any other pet, they will need to be cared for all their life. It is important to ensure your family is willing to take such a commitment. Dogs need to be cared for and can only be happy if their owners interact with them.