Dog breeds

Small dog breeds

dog breedsSmall dog breeds have long been the favoured companions of monarchs. Their small size and abilities to learn new tricks were very much appreciated by kings who would use them to entertain their guests. In later centuries, small dog breeds were no longer acknowledged as exclusive companions of monarchs and this resulted in their increase in numbers. Other small dog breeds such as the West Highland White Terrier were acknowledged for their abilities to perform specific tasks which could not be performed by larger dogs. These tasks included tracking preys and following them in their burrows.

Small dog breeds as well as other dog breeds require regular exercise to remain healthy. A dog who is given little amount of exercise is more likely to develop behavioural issues such as excessive barking, aggressiveness.

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Medium dog breeds

The medium dog breeds category gathers many working dogs. Most of these dogs were used to perform specific tasks such as working cattle and hunting animals. Subsequently, they will require a fair amount of exercise.

Medium dog breeds will need to be given regular challenges and exercise to remain healthy. Such dog breeds are generally very energetic also it is important to select the dog breed accordingly to your life style. Medium dog breeds generally perform well in agility classes.

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Large dog breeds

dog breedsThe large dog breeds category gathers many dogs of the working group: hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs etc... Most of the large dog breeds will require experienced owners due to their big size and strong temperament.

Due to their origins and large size, large dog breeds require a lot of exercise and will need mental stimulation. It is important to give the best training possible to large dog breeds in order to avoid behavioural issues such as extreme shyness and aggressiveness.

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