Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound information

The Afghan Hound originates from the Northern mountains of Afghanistan. He is part of the hound group. His long haired coat and athletic size makes him one of the most elegant dog. His long haired coat is also a precious asset against the cold weather of the Afghan mountains. The Afghan Hound is a also a hunting and guard dog. His stamina makes him very good in hunting foxes and gazelle.

At the end of the 19th century, the first Afghan Hounds were brought to England by the British army. In England, Afghan Hound is commonly used as a companion and as a show dog.

Afghan Hound characteristics

The Afghan Hound measures between 25 to 29 inches and weighs between 23 to 27 Kilos. His long haired coat can be of different colours. The hair can be of any colour. The face often appears dark.

Afghan Hound grooming

Afghan Hound need to be brushed everyday to remove tangles. It is best to have regular grooming sessions with your Afghan puppy so that he gets used to grooming from an early age.

The Afghan Hound will also need to be bathed every month. Dog shampoo will need to be applied on the whole body. The back legs should be washed thoroughly as they get easily dirty when the dog release himself. It is important to rinse properly the dog's coat to ensure his hair are free from shampoo. Once this is done, a hair conditioner should be applied to nourish the hair. It should be rinsed carefully so that no product remains on the dog hair. The hair mush them be brushed and dried. If the dog has straight long hair, it is recommended to let the dog hair drip on a towel and finish to dry him up with the hair dryer.

Afghan Hound temperament

The Afghan Hound is very affectionate and is good around children. He is very calm and playful.

He is generally a good companion for all the family but can be wary of strangers. Also an early socialization is recommended. Some Afghan Hounds tend to be dominant and will require a firm but gentle training.

The Afghan Hound is very active and needs a lot of exercise to remain healthy. He loves to run in open fields.

Afghan Hound training

Afghan Hound training requires time and patience. Afghan Hound are intelligent and will often disobey. Using positive reinforcement techniques will allow owners to get good training results with their Afghan Hound puppies.

Being independent dogs with a strong hunting instinct, they will tend to track every little animal they found. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them on the leash when going on walks.

They are usually good around children but it is always preferred that Afghan Hound puppies get used to children as early as possible.

Afghan Hound food habits

Afghan Hound are not very fussy with food also it is possible to feed them with home-made or dry food. It is necessary to give them a good quality aliment to avoid skin conditions and, generally, to keep them healthy.

Afghan Hound health

The Afghan Hound is quite healthy. He has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. Some Afghan Hound are subject to skin conditions. The vet should be able to establish the origins of the allergies and recommend a treatment for your dog.

Due to their big size, Afghan Hound can be subject to elbow and hip Dysplasia but it is not a very common condition.

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