Briard information

The Briard is a part of the pastoral group. He was used in the past as a herding dog. This highly energic dog was also used during the first world war. The French Army trained him to carry messages and look for injured soldiers.

Endowed with a strong character Briards need to be trained properly. Like most working dogs, they also require regular exercises and challenges. Well trained, the Briard will be a good companion, entirely devoted to his owners.

Briard characteristics

Briards measure between 23 to 27 inches and weighs between 33.5 to 34.5 kilos. His long-haired coat can be fawn or black.

Briard Grooming

Briard puppies have a short-haired coat and, therefore, do not need as much grooming as adult dogs. However, it is necessary to brush them regularly so that they get use to it. At six month of age, their hair is already much longer and more importance should be given to brushing and combing their hair. Before bathing your dog, it is important to brush properly your dog. Brushing the hair after the bath, might damage your dog's hair. A conditioner can be applied on the dog coat for a better care.

Briard temperament

The Briard breed has kept the characteristics which makes him a good shepherd dog. He is independent and is able to take his own decisions and is very intelligent. Due to his origins, he is a very active dog who requires a considerable amount of exercise. When trained properly, Briards are good and affectionate companion.

Briard training

The independent character trait of the Briard can make him difficult to train. It is therefore, very important to start training your puppy as early as possible. Being a strong breed, Briards attach much importance to the hierarchy of the household and need a pack leader. Their training should be firm but gentle.

Being very sociable dogs, Briards do not like to be left alone. They like to be around the family and take part in its activities. Thanks to their big memory and athletic form, they generally perform well in agility training.

Briard food habits

In order to remain healthy, your dog will need to be fed with a good quality aliment corresponding to its level of activity. When adopting a Briard puppy, it is recommended to discuss the dog diet with the breeder.

Briard Health

The Briard is generally a healthy dog breed. Some dogs can be prone to Hip Dysplasia and eye conditions. It is, therefore, recommended to purchase your puppy from a responsible dog breeder.

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