English Bulldog

English Bulldog information

English Bulldogs were used in the past for bullbaiting. They had to catch the bull by its noise and not let go of him. At that time bullbaiting was so popular that every city in England had a ring were bulldogs would face bulls. In 1835, bullbaiting was recognised as animal cruelty and, as a result, bullbaiting became forbidden.

Nowadays, English Bulldog are known as very balanced and sociable dogs. These qualities makes him a good and faithful companion.

English Bulldog characteristics

The English Bulldog measures between 12 to 14 inches and weighs from 23 to 25 kilos. The English Bulldog has a very distinctive physique. His eyes and nose are close from each other, his broad chest and heavy body reinforce the impression of strength and power of the breed.

English Bulldog temperament

The English Bulldog is a very affectionate dog who enjoys the company of his owners. He is generally good around children. The English Bulldog breed is very active and likes to play.

Very attached to his owner, he can be protective of the family but should not be aggressive to strangers. English Bulldogs are very balanced dogs and do not bark very often.

English Bulldog training

English Bulldogs can be very stubborn and their training requires time and patience from their owners. Being greedy, they usually respond well to positive reinforcement but need a lot of repetition. The stubbornness of the Bulldog can make him question your authority also it is necessary to give a proper obedience training to your puppy. Doing so, will help your English Bull dog puppy understands the hierarchy of the household and make him easier to train.

English Bulldogs are known to be very possessive over their food also, it is recommended to train puppies to get use to having their plate removed from time to time. For security, it is preferable not to feed them around other animals and children.

English Bulldog food habits

English Bulldogs need to be fed with a good quality aliment corresponding to their activity. A good diet will also prevent them from getting skin conditions such as allergies.

English Bull dog health

English Bulldogs have a life expectancy of about 7 to 9 years. The breed is known to have serious health issues such as:

Moreover, English Bulldogs often suffer from respiratory conditions. They can face difficulties to breathe when walking. Exercise should, therefore, be restricted on particularly hot days. Due to this, there is always a risk to put them on anaesthetics.

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