Bullmastiff information

The Bullmastiff is believed to have resulted from the breeding of the English Mastiff and the old English Bulldog. The Bullmastiff breed was developed to help game-keepers catch poachers. His strengh made him able to to knock off poachers without biting them. Later on, Bullmastiffs were used in police forces to help in arresting criminals.

Bullmastiff is a strong breed and, as a result, is not the most suitable dog for inexperienced dog handlers. Throughout his life, the Bullmastiff will need a firm and strict training.

Bullmastiff characteristics

A Bullmastiff measures between 25 to 27 inches and weighs between 41 to 51 kilos. The colour of the Bullmastiff's coat can be fawn, red, red brindles or black brindle.

Bullmastiff temperament

The Bullmastiff has a character similar to the Mastiff breed. Bullmastiff tends to be dominant and, therefore, requires an experienced owner. Bullmastiff puppies need consistency in their training. Giving them a firm but gentle training will help the owner in establishing himself as the pack leader.

Bullmastiffs are good watch dogs and will notify their owners from strangers approaching the house. They, therefore, need a proper introduction with strangers.

Bullmastiffs require a considerable amount of exercise to remain healthy. They will enjoy a big and spacious garden.

Bullmastiff training

Being a strong and powerful dog breed, Bullmastiff requires strong leadership. They generally tend to be dominant also their owner will need to gain their respect as pack leader. This can only be achieved by consistent training. It is necessary to be gentle but firm when training a Bullmastiff puppy. Harsh and tough punishments will not work and will only encourage aggressive behaviours.

Socializing the Bullmastiff puppy is very important as adult dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs.

Bullmastiff food habits

Bullmastiffs require large amount of food. To avoid health problems, it is recommended to feed them at least twice daily. As all dogs, they need a good quality aliment to remain healthy.

Bullmastiff health

The life expectancy of the Bullmastiff varies between 10 to 12 years. The breed is subject to some health issues such as:

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