Chihuahua description

The Chihuahua is the smallest of all dog breed. Because of his size, the Chihuahua is known as toy Chihuahua, teacup Chihuahua and miniature Chihuahua.

The name Chihuahua comes from one of the state of Mexico where the dog breed originated from. The origin of Chihuahuas go back to the the ninth century. At this time the ancestor of the Chihuahua was named Techichi. Aztecs were very respectful to the Techichi as they believed these dogs held mystical powers. The Techichi breed was quite different from the actual Chihuahua: they were bigger in size and had long hair. We believe the miniature Chihuahua is the result from the breeding of the Tetchichi breed with a miniature Chinese breed.

Chihuahua characteristics

The height of Chihuahuas varies between 6 to 10 inches and weight 6 pounds or less. The coat of Chihuahuas can be short haired or long haired. Long haired Chihuahuas shed less hair than short haired Chihuahuas and they do not need too much grooming.

Chihuahua temperament

When trained properly, Chihuahuas are good companions. They are very active dogs and like exploring the outside world.

Chihuahua training

Chihuahuas need strong leadership and be exercised. It is wrong to give different rules to Chihuahuas than to Large dog breeds. New Chihuahuas owners often find them cute and can subconsciously let them get away with unwanted behaviors. Giving too much freedom to a dog as small as the teacup Chihuahua will only encourage him to become the pack leader and will make him an unbalanced dog. When not trained properly, Chihuahuas can become very possessive of their owners and develop aggressive behaviors like biting.

Chihuahuas puppies need to be trained and socialized from an early age. The training of a Chihuahua often requires a lot of time and patience from his owner. It can be difficult for the dog to learn housebreaking but with time and patience everything will come along. People who decide to adopt a puppy Chihuahua should first make themselves familiar to the breed. Very often, people get excited by bringing a puppy Chihuahua home and do not realize that this small dog will require exercise and discipline. Like for all larger dog breeds a daily walk is essential to the well being of the Chihuahua.

Chihuahua food habits

Chihuahuas eat small amount of food. Therefore, it is important to feed them with an aliment containing all the nutrients these small dogs need. By feeding your Chihuahua with good quality food, he will have better chances to remain healthy and not to develop gums, teeth or skin problems. An healthy diet will also make the coat of your short or long haired Chihuahua more shiny If you would like to feed your toy Chihuahua with homemade food, it is necessary to seek advice from a vet in order to ensure your dogs get all the nutrients he needs. Because Chihuahuas eat small amounts of food everyday, it is very important to control their diet. Some human food like chocolate and garlic are not good for dogs and can make small dogs, like Chihuahuas, seriously sick therefore it is best not to leave these aliments at an easy reach of the dog.

Chihuahua health

Chihuahuas can have genetic diseases such as:

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