Deerhound information

In the Middle Age, the Scottish Deerhound was one of the favoured companion of aristocrats. It is said that to own a Deerhound, you had to own the title of Earl. This hound dog was used by Scottish chieftains to hunt deer and rabbits.

Nowadays, Deerhounds are mostly used in dog racing. Only a few Deerhound owners still use them for hunting.

Deerhound characteristics

The Deerhound measures between 28 to 30 inches and weighs between 36 to 45 Kilos.

The Deerhound has a wiry coat on the body which protects him from extreme weather conditions. The most common colour of the coat are fawn, red, grey and red brindle.

Deerhound temperament

The Deerhound is a very friendly dog. He enjoys the company of his owners and is very faithful. He is generally good around children.

Being a hunting dog, he needs a lot of exercise. He will enjoy running in fenced areas. When not challenged enough, Deehounds can become frustrated and start chewing furnitures.

Generally, Deerhounds are happy to meet other dogs but, due to their strong hunting instinct, cannot be left alone with other animals.

Deerhound training

The Deerhound needs consistent training. He is generally very obedient and eager to please his owners. Like most large dog breeds, Deerhounds take time to mature. Also, it is important to remain patient with your Deerhound puppy.

On the walk, it is recommended to keep your Deerhound on the lead. Deerhound have a strong hunting instinct and like to explore their surroundings. When tracking a prey, they usually do not respond to their owners calls.

Deerhound food habits

The Deerhound does not eat large quantities of food therefore feeding him with a good quality food, containing all the essential nutrients is a must. Finding a good aliment for the dog will have a significant effect on his health.

Deerhound Health

The Deerhound is generally an healthy dog. However, the large size of the Deerhound breed makes him more sensible to some health problems like: