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Doberman information

The Doberman took his name from the German dog breeder Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Friedrich Louis Dobermann was a Tax collector and he bred this dog to protect him. At that time, Dobermans were smaller in size. After the death of Friedrich Louis Dobermann, Philip Gruening and Otto Goeller carried on working on the breed. Back then, the Dobermans they were breeding were very similar to the ones we all know today.

Nowadays, Dobermans are still used for protection by the police forces or by individuals who raise them to be guard dogs. Due to a careful selection of the dogs and a proper training, Dobermans can similarly be good companions. However, their protective instinct still remains very strong.

Doberman characteristics

A Doberman measures between 25.5 to 27 inches and weighs between 30 to 40 kilos. The Doberman's coat can be fawn, black, brown or blue.

Doberman temperament

When trained properly Dobermans can be good and faithful companions. At home, they are good watch dogs who, instinctively, protect the entire household.

Doberman is a dog breed which require a lot of exercise. Lack of exercising can be a source of behavioural problems.

Doberman training

Dobermans are often dominant dog breeds and, therefore, require gentle but firm training. It is necessary to establish rules and boundaries so that a Doberman puppy understands the hierarchy of the household. Considering the size and the strong character of the breed, it is imperative that Doberman owners establish themselves as pack leaders from the very beginning. Not taking the time to discipline your dog or letting him get away with unwanted behaviour will only reinforce his dominance as he will see you as a weak owner.

This large dog breed requires a lot of exercise. Dobermans need long daily walks and regular challenges. All Doberman owners should give their dog the opportunity to run in fenced areas to burn their excess of energy. As a result, owning a large garden is a must.

Adult Dobermans are generally aggressive towards other dogs also an early socialization is highly recommended.

Doberman food habits

A good nutrition is essential to the Doberman puppy growth. It is very important to feed the puppy with a good quality food responding to his needs. Your dog breeders will be able to recommend you a suitable aliment to feed your dog. Adult dogs need to be fed according to their level of exercise in order to avoid obesity or lack of nutrients.

Doberman health

The Doberman breed is generally a healthy dog breed. However, as all dog breeds there are some recurrent health issues such as:

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