Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund information

The origins of the Finnish Lapphund can not be explained without looking at the past history of the Laponian people.

Laponian ancient nomad tribes survival relied heavily on hunting wild animals such as reindeers. Reindeers were an important element in the survival of nomad tribes as it provided them with food and warm clothing. As the tribes settled down, their way of living evolved. They selected and trained their dogs to herd and guard semi-domesticated reindeers. Excavations in Laponia have allowed archaelogists to traced back the Finnish Lapphund's ancestors to 7000 BC.

In the middle of the 20th century, a dispute has emmerged between Sweden and Finland as both countries claimed the Lapphund dog breed as their own. As a result, two different breed standards were adopted: the Finnish Lapphund and the Swedish Lapphund. However, the Finnish Lapphund is the only breed that is today acknowledged as the original breed's standard having kept its herding abilities.

Finnish Lapphund characteristics

A Finnish Lapphund measures from 18 to 20.5 inches and weighs between 20 to 21 kilos. The hair on the coat is abundant and can be of various colors such as black and sable.

One of the main physical attribute of the Finnish Lapphund is his curled tail.

Finnish Lapphund grooming

The coat of the Finnish Lapphund requires regular grooming to prevent the hair from mating. Particular attention should be given to the hair around the ears, on the tail and behind the legs as tangles easily form in these areas. The Finnish Lapphund should be bathed when required only or every 2 to 3 months.

Finnish Lapphund temperament

Even an affectionate dog, the Finnish Lapphund has kept strong herding abilities. Subsequently, owners should not diregard the importance of dog training. A Finnish Lapphund who is not given the appropriate level of exercise, will tend to herd everything moving in the house.

However when given enough challenge, Finnish Lapphund are good and faithful companions who are eager to please their owners. They are generally good around children.

A gentle introduction of the finnish Lapphund puppy with other pets is preferable.

Finnish Lapphund training

Having worked closely to humans for a long period of time, Finnish Lapphunds are easy to train. However, the training and socialization of the Finnish Lapphund puppy should start as early as possible. Doing so, will help your puppy in growing into a very balanced dog.

Eventhough, not a fearful dog by nature, it is recommended to introduce your Finnish Lapphund puppy to your friends at an early age. This will help your dog in building his confidence around strangers.

As most herding dogs, Finnish Lapphund are highly energetic dogs who perform well in agily classes and fly ball training.

Finnish Lapphund food habits

The Finnish Lapphund is greedy also, it is recommended to keep an eye on his diet. An overweight dog is more likely to suffer from joint problems in the future.

Finnish Lapphund health

The average life expectancy of the Finnish Lapphund is 12 years. Overall, the Finnish Lapphund breed is a healthy dog breed. The most common diseases which can affect the breed are: