Greyhound information

Drawings of Greyhound, which have been found on Pharaohs tomb, have enabled to evidence the long past of this breed. Greyhounds are part of the hound family. They can reach a speed of 68 km per hour and perform well in tracking and catching fast running preys. In the past, they were used to hunt antelopes and wolves.

In 1016, Greyhounds became a symbol of nobility in England.

In the 20th century, the UK population had a growing interest in dog racing. Greyhound owners started to enrol their dogs in racing competitions. Greyhounds were soon acknowledged as the fastest dogs.

Greyhound characteristics

The Greyhound measures between 27 and 30 inches and weighs between 27 to 32 Kilos.

The short haired coat of the Greyhound can be of different colours: fawn, red, white, black, black brindle and red brindle

Greyhound temperament

Greyhounds are good natured dogs. They are very attached to their owners and enjoy the company of children. Even though, Greyhounds require exercise, they are very calm indoors. They are generally happy with two long walks a day. They enjoy running and will appreciate having a good run in closed fields.

Greyhounds are usually very sociable with other animal but a smooth and gentle introduction is preferred. Generally, Greyhounds are shy with strangers and tend to avoid them.

Greyhound training

Greyhounds are very sensible dogs and, therefore, require a gentle and consistent training. They are intelligent animals who are eager to please their owners. Using positive reinforcement will help you get good results with your Greyhound puppy. Greyhounds like to be praised and, when trained properly, are fast learners.

Greyhound food habits

Greyhounds should be fed twice daily. It is important to give them an aliment corresponding to their activity level.

Greyhounds tend to develop skin reactions when fed with an aliment containing too much chemicals. If your dog suffers from allergies, a change of diet is needed. The vet will be able to assist you with that and might recommend a home-made food diet for your companion.

Greyhound health

Overall, the Greyhound is an healthy dog. The Greyhound breed can be affected by a few disease like: