Japanese Akita

Japanese Akita information

The Japanese Akita a larger dog breed of Japan. The Japanese Akita breed originates from Honshu. For centuries, he was owned by Japanese aristocrats only.

This courageous dog was used to hunt bears and wild boars. He was also used in dog fights. In the 20th century, dog fights became forbidden in Japan. As a result, the Japanese Akita population started to decrease dramatically. The Japanese Akita was referred as the national dog breed of Japan in the 1930s and, slowly, their popularity increased.

Nowadays, Japanese Akita are used as guard dogs and companions.

Japanese Akita characteristics

The Japanese Akita measures between 24 to 28 inches and weighs between 34 to 50 Kilos. The thick coat of the Japanese Akita can be of different colours. Red, brindle, fawn and sesame are the most common colours.

The Japanese Atika is a good swimmer. His paws are webbed and his coat is waterproof.

Japanese Akita temperament

A Japanese Akita requires gentle but firm training. Japanese Akita are very intelligent dogs and tend to take their own decisions. It is necessary to train the Japanese Akita appropriately so that their aggressive temperaments are kept under control. Japanese Akita are known to be good and faithful companions. However, they can also be reluctant towards strangers.

The Japanese Akita can be aggressive with other dogs and animals, so an early socialisation of the puppy is highly recommended.

Japanese Akita training

The Japanese Akita has a strong character and tends to be dominant. It is therefore, crucial to start training your Japanese Akita puppy from the very first day at home. The Akita puppies tend to get bored very easily, so small regular training sessions are preferable. Setting rules and boundaries will help you to establish yourself as the pack leader.

The Japanese Akitas require a high level of exercise and regular challenges. The appropriate exercising and training will help in maintaining a well-balanced Japanese Akita dog.

Japanese Akita food habits

The Japanese Atika does not eat large quantities of food considering his size. He can be very possessive of his food when other animals are around. It is, therefore, recommended to feed him separately from other animals.

Japanese Akita health

There are several health conditions affecting the Japanese Akita breed like: