Rough Collie

Rough Collie description

The Rough coated Collie breed originates from Scotland where he was used as a herding dog. The breed was recognized in England in the end of the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Breeders developed the Rough Collie breed further so that the breed could reach its actual standard. Originally, the Rough Collie was smaller in size and had a shorter muzzle. We believe the Rough Collie we know nowadays is the result of the breeding of the Rough coated Collie with the Borzoi.

Rough Collie characteristics

A Rough Collie measures between 20 to 24 inches and weights between 18 to 30 kilos. The colour of the coat of the Rough Collie is generally tricolour: white, black and tanned.

Rough Collie grooming

Rough Collies require to be brushed everyday. Also, it is highly recommended to get your Collie puppy used to being brushed from an early age. It is important to untangle the hair completely from the roots to the ends as mat tends to form next to the dog's skin. Hair located in sensible areas such as ears and legs should be combed gently to prevent tangles from happening. Hair growing between the dog's pads should be checked and trimmed regularly. Trimming the hair between the pad is a good way to prevent infections from happening.

The Rough Collie will need to be bathed, on average, every three months or when needed. Before bathing your dog, ensure that his hair are free of tangles. The double coat of Collies is very thick also it will take a fair amount of time to dry completely. It is therefore recommended to use a dog blow dryer.

Rough Collie temperament

The Rough Collie is known to be a good and faithful companion who enjoys the company of his owners. He is generally good around children and can become easily accustomed with other animals. Due to his origins of shepherd dog, he is often distant with strangers. When left alone for a too long period, the Rough Collie can adopt destructive behaviours also, it is necessary to train the puppy to stay on his own from an early age.

The Rough Collie is a fast learner and will do anything to please his owner. He is also very active and needs regular exercise.

Rough Collie training

Endowed with a sensible character, the Rough Collie puppy requires gentle but firm training. When disciplining your dog, it is preferable to use a strong tone of voice. Collies are highly intelligent dogs and it is recommended that their training should not include loud shouting or physical contact. A harsh training method may affect the overall character of your dog who might subsequently act neurotically. It is important to give your puppy short and entertaining training sessions so that he does not get bored. Rough Collie puppies are generally fast learners who like interacting with their owners. Therefore a positive reinforcement of training is advisable.

The Rough Collie is a very active dog who will need regular challenges. Giving enough exercise to your dog will prevent him from getting bored and adopting destructive behaviours such as chewing household furnitures.

Socializing should also be part of the Rough Collie puppy's training. Puppies who lack from interaction with people are more likely to become distant with strangers.

Rough Collie food habits

Rough Collies require a high quality aliment to remain healthy. Feeding your Rough Collie with a commercial dry food will ensure you his dietary needs are fulfilled.

Rough Collie health

The Rough Collie can be subject to some genetic and degenerative diseases such as:

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