Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier information

The Scottish Terrier is a hunting dog. He has been used for a long time in the Highland farms to hunt badgers, foxes and smaller preys like mice and shrews.

Scottish Terriers were first imported to France under the reign of the Scottish King, James VI. He sent six Scottish Terriers as a present to a French monarch. In later years, the Scottish breed was exported to other European countries.

Endowed with a strong character, the Scottish Terrier does not fit everyone's lifestyle. As a result, the population of Scottish Terriers is not very large.

Scottish Terrier characteristics

The Scottish Terrier measures around 10 inches and weighs between 8.50 to 10 Kilos.

The Scottish Terrier has a long and wiry coat which protects him from extreme weather. The colour of the coat is often dark grey or black.

Scottish Terrier Grooming

The Scottish Terrier needs to be brushed and combed regularly to remove tangles from his hair. It is recommended to accustom your puppy to grooming as soon as possible. The hair is thinner on the dog's stomach and legs, therefore it is necessary to brush and comb the hair in these areas to ensure it is free of tangles.

Some Scottish Terriers tend to have greasy hair and therefore, a special care should be taken of their coat. Applying a shampoo adapted to the dog hair should help restore the dog's hair balance.

The Scottish Terrier need professional grooming every 3 months on average. The dog groomer will remove some of the hair from the dog's coat.

Scottish Terrier temperament

A Scottish Terrier is a loyal and faithful companion. Being a terrier, he likes running after small animals and to dig in their burrows. As a result, Scottish Terriers need to be kept on a lead when going for a walk.

Scottish Terriers are often distant with strangers and, generally, bond more closely with one member of the family. They are good around older children and enjoy playing with them, although they are not very active dogs. As a result, Scottish Terriers do not need an excessive amount of exercise and are happy with small regular walks.

Scottish Terrier training

To enjoy a good relationship with your dog, it is necessary to give your puppy an early obedience training. Scottish Terriers have a strong character and, therefore, require consistent training. Scottish Terriers can be stubborn and will try to disobey. It is important to remain patient but firm with your dog and not let him get away with unwanted behaviours. When it comes to discipline, it is very important to apply the correct and appropriate disciplinary action, as the Scottish Terrier is likely to snap back or growl if he feels that he is unjustly treated. This particular character trait, makes him unfitting to be around young children as he can become aggressive when being teased.

Using positive reinforcement techniques is a good way of training a Scottish Terrier. Being playful and greedy, this little dog will always appreciate getting a reward for his hard work.

Scottish Terrier food habits

Scottish Terriers are greedy with food and, therefore, it is important to control their diet. A good quality aliment is necessary to the dog well-being as he can be prone of allergies and other skin conditions. It is recommended to feed him twice daily for a better digestion.

Scottish Terrier health

Many health issues have been observed within the Scottish Terrier breed such as: