Volpino information

The Volpino breed originates from Italy. The name Volpino, meaning «small fox» in Italian, was given to the breed due to its resemblance to foxes. The Volpino breed has long been the favoured companion of aristocrats. This toy dog was considered a good watchdog as well as a good companion. In the middle of the 20th century the popularity of the Volpino breed dropped dramatically and despite numerous efforts in saving the breed, the Volpino became very rare in Italy and in Europe.

Volpino characteristics

A Volpino mesures between 11 to 12 inches and weighs between 4 to 5 kilos. The coat of the Volpino can be of different colors such as white, fawn and black.

Volpino grooming

It is necessary to brush the coat of the Volpino regularly in order to prevent the coat from mating. The Volpino should be bathed when necessary only or every 2 to 3 months. The teeth and ears of the dog should be cleaned regularly to prevent infections.

Volpino temperament

The Volpino is very affectionate towards his owners. He generally is good around children. An eye should be kept on the Volpino as being a watchdog he is often reserved towards strangers. Throughout the years, the Volpino has kept a keen earring and will bark loudly to notify his owners of somebody approaching the house.

The Volpino often does not get along with other dogs and animals. He is therefore best kept as an only pet and should always be kept on the lead in public areas.

Volpino training

It is important to give the Volpino a firm and consistent training. The Volpino puppy will benefit from an an early obedience training and will help the owner set rules and boundaries in the household.

Socializing should also be part of the Volpino puppy training as this particular dog breed tends to be reserved around strangers. Subsequently, an early introduction of the puppy is essential to get him accustomed to new situations and build his confidence around people.

The Volpino is a very active little dog who requires regular challenges. The Volpino enjoys a long daily walk and craves for interactions with his owner.

Volpino food habits

The Volpino should be fed with a high quality aliment to remain in good health.

With a a life expectancy of about 15 years, the Volpino is considered a healthy dog breed. His healthiness can be explained by the past history of the Volpino breed who has never been subject to line-breeding or downsizing unlike other toy breeds.

The most common diseases within the Volpino breed are cataract and heart conditions.