West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier information

The West Highland Terrier breed originates from Scotland. The ancestors of the Westie are the Cairn and Bichon Maltese. We believe, the Westie inherited his white coat from the Bichon Maltese.

The West Highland breed was created by Colonel Edward Malcom. Edward Malcom was used to hunt with Cairn dogs but, one day, an incident occurred. He mistook one of his dogs for one of the prey and accidentally killed him. This incident upset him a lot and gave him the idea to breed a whiter hunting dog in order to see them better. As a result, the coat of the first Westies was of cream colour. In 1906, the West Highland Terrier breed was recognized by the UK Kennel Club.

West Highland White Terrier characteristics

A West Highland White Terrier measures between 10 to 11 inches and weighs between 7 to 10 kilos. He has a short haired double coat which requires regular grooming.

West Highland White Terrier Grooming

The coat of the Highland White Terrier requires hand stripping twice a year. Hand stripping is necessary to remove dead hair and to allow new hair growth. The hair around their ears and eyes should be trimmed to prevent your dog from catching an infection.

Brushing the dog's coat regularly will ensure you the hair is free from tangles and keep its white colour. Westies should only be bathed twice to three times a year as bathing your dog too regularly might affect his skin.

West Highland White Terrier temperament

West Highland White Terriers are very lively little dogs. Being from the Terrier group, they require a fair amount of exercise. As a result, they are more suited for a life in the countryside.

Westies have a strong character and will require strong leadership from their owners. When trained properly, they can be good family pets. At home, they are good watchdogs and will bark to notify their owners of a stranger approaching the door. Inside they will greet strangers with a wagging tail.

West Highland White Terrier generally get alone well with other dogs. However some males can be dominant towards other male dogs. They consider other animals as prey and will track them tirelessly.

West Highland White Terrier training

West Highland White Terrier requires consistent training. Being from the Terrier group, this dog breed is known to be suborned. Training a West Highland puppy will require patience and commitment. It is recommended to reward them with a treat to encourage wanted behaviours.

Socializing your puppy is also very important. West Highland West Terriers which have not been socialized enough can be wary and snap at strangers. Like with all dogs breeds, it is recommended to get your puppy used to as many different situations in order to build the personality of your dog and make him a more balanced dog.

West Highland White Terrier food habits

West Highland White Terriers are prone to skin conditions, such as allergies. It is therefore essential to feed them with a good quality aliment. Like other small dog breeds, a Westie does not eat much. Also, feeding your dog with a high quality dry food will give you peace of mind, ensuring your dog gets all the nutrients to remain healthy.

West Highland White Terrier health

West Higland Terriers are prone to numerous health diseases such as:

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