Dog health

Dog health

For many generations, we have bred dogs in accordance to breed standards. New dog breeds have also been created to perform tasks. When breeding dogs, breeders should carefully select their dogs. Nowadays, a lot of genetic diseases can be evidenced by running a series of tests on the animals. As it has also been proved inbreeding should not be permitted as it can it increase the risk of genetic diseases and generally affect the dog breed.

Due to their physical characteristics, some breeds can be more subject to diseases. Dogs with a short muzzle, for instance, are more likely to develop breathing problems whereas, large dog breeds are more subject to hip dysplasia. For this reason, it is important to gather enough information about the dog breed and its health predisposition before choosing a dog. Some breeds, like the Dalmatian, have been very popular for a long time and some breeders have been breeding their dogs without taking into consideration their dog health. A responsible dog breeder will select his dogs carefully before breeding in order to reduce the risk of genetic disease and get healthier dogs.


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